a landscape showing a bock of flats, a house, a temple and a small hut. There are mountain and water and a warm sun

We share the plain old belief that a regular practice of classical yoga (asanas or postures, pranayamas or breathwork and in general, taking good care of you) really makes for a more balanced, stronger and more authentic version of who you really are. The purest, truest, youest you. With so much noise and distraction on the outside, it is no surprise that we end up slightly disconnected to the inside. Enter, the Yoga.

With their hearts and souls rooted deeply in the East (not just street food and sunny weather, but also philosophy and spirituality), The Frog Project came to life in Sri Lanka in 2015. Together Carrie and Martin founded this company with the mission of bringing yoga far and wide and making it accessible to anybody willing to give it a go, and lending a guiding hand to shedding the outer skin, and uncovering the magic beneath.

our people

what makes us tick

Carrie - co-founder & yoga teacher

She has almost twenty years of self practice and a belief that yoga really is the answer. She tries to apply the philosophy of yoga to every aspect of life and her day to day practice aims to cultivate strength, balance and ease in body and mind. Her classes are fun, dynamic and restorative. They have a little bit of everything for everybody. If you want to feel stronger, longer, calmer and just all round great, come and join her. Carrie is 200hr qualified, and is currently studying for her 500hr, WYLA, Thailand, affiliated with the Institute of Yoga, Mumbai.