couch to downdog

5 day yoga challenge


It's time to get off the sofa and onto the floor!

start 2021 out right. you first.

The time of year is here to take MASSIVE ACTION!


2020 has been a stinker of a year, and it's pretty safe to say things may not have gone as expected! Your business, your relationships, your body, your finances, whatever it is, the answer is here.


Take care of you, start with you, and the rest will fall into place. 

#couchtodowndog is a 5 Day Yoga Challenge that will get you off the sofa and onto the floor!


Suitable for complete beginners. In just 10 minutes a day, discover some of the many benefits of yoga and experience how it can change your life.

Move your body & change your experience of life

  • stimulate hormones in the body to make you feel great

  • connect with parts of the body that you may have forgotten about

  • iron out aches and pains & increase strength, flexibility and balance

Breathe deep &

clear out the cobwebs

  • breathe deeper and slower

  • calm the nervous system

  • help the body and mind to be more resilient

Give the mind a break & let things quieten down 

  • slow down the mind

  • bring a little peace and quiet to often the noisiest thing in our lives

  • practice taking control of thoughts to make us more resilient day to day

START TODAY, 10 mins/day

Find a spot in your house that you'll be undisturbed for 10 minutes a day.  Hit play on the video you'll receive straight to your inbox and practice along. Suitable for complete beginners. All you need to do is drop your email here, and say...


hands swipig on a tablet and on a smartphone


a young mum an older woman and a workig man doing yoga at different times of the day

dedicate 10 mins a day for 5 days to complete your practice


an older woman sitting on a mat in pyjamas doing some simple yoga and trying to reach her toe

get off the couch & feeL the amazing benefits of yoga!

let's do it!

our guarantee

We don't promise enlightenment, the ability to do backflips or that you'll fit into a size 6 bikini on your next holiday (if anyone ever gets one of those again). However, we are super confident in the benefits of the yoga and the quality of our teaching! The only commitment you need to make in return is complete the 5 day challenge. We can't wait to see you online!

couch to downdog 

5 day yoga challenge

a wman sitting on a yoga mat in her living room and looking at a laptop screen showing an online yoga class

What you'll need

A lady i casual clothes on a yoga mat doing warrior pose

a desire to feel good

a man doig yoga on a mat in front of a clock showing one hour has passed

10 mins a day for 5 days

A woman doing downward dog on a yoga mat in casual clothes

a space big 

enough to stretch around in

A device of any sort connected to the internet