Making Christmas Merry and Calm – Our Top 4 Tips on how to navigate and relish the festive Season

lady to yoga and meditation to relax and destress at christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Only 5 more sleeps to go until the big day. Christmas is always a magical time of the year when emotions run high – from the joy of finding the perfect gift for your mum to the howls of anguish when the turkey won’t fit in the oven. This year we absolutely all deserve a wonderful Christmas! So here are our top tips on how the practice of Yoga can help you to be your merriest, calmest and most joyful version of yourself this Christmas.

1. Practise Patience and Perspective

So much easier said than done, we will say that straight away! But if you can keep your head while stuck in queues in the supermarket, or while a certain family member cheats shamelessly during the annual never ending game of monopoly, then your Christmas will be that much more enjoyable! Taking a few slow deep breathes can really help de-escalate the tension in the moment. The Frog Project co-founder Carrie has also put together this wonderful 10 minute pre-Christmas calm yoga flow which is a godsend for when you need to reconnect with your inner patience and gratitude. As at the end of the day, the most important thing about Christmas is spending time with those you love.

2. Digest and Savour

For many of us, it is traditional to spend Christmas stuffing our faces with as much chocolate, wine and Christmas Dinners as we can get our hands on! While we fully endorse Christmas as a time for a bit of indulgence and treating yourself, be careful that you are not just going through the motions and are genuinely tasting and enjoying every mouth full. It is also absolutely okay to not go back for thirds if your stomach is close to bursting, you will be thanking yourself come boxing day! However, if you do find yourself succumbing and eating past the point of full-ness we have you covered, once again it is Carrie to rescue with this amazing practise to counter Christmas excess.

3. Shop Sustainably

Christmas is all about giving, and that includes giving back to Mother Earth as well, and one of the best ways you can go about that this festive season is by choosing to shop sustainably. The prospect can seem doubting, especially if you are like me and leave all your Christmas shopping to the very last moment! But thankfully it has never been easier to shop well, and our “Turning Black Friday Green” recent blog post has some wonderful advice on how to ethically ace your Christmas shopping. Also, If you have a Yogi to buy for, you should check out The Frog Project’s brand new Christmas Bundles of ethically sourced soft cotton Yoga loungewear!

organic sustainable 100% cotton yoga loungewear

4. Give Yourself a Moment and Embrace the Joy of Christmas

Don’t forget that the season of giving also involves giving to yourself too, and in the manic dash of Christmas shopping and preparing for guests and decorating it’s all too easy for Christmas stress and admin to overpower Christmas joy. So, in the spirit of honouring yourself at Christmas, and as a special gift from our Christmassy decorated living room to yours, Carrie has prepared this wonderful Christmas themed yoga flow to help us all take a little time out of our busy schedules to relax, appreciate ourselves and truly savour the magic of Christmas.

From everybody here at The Frog Project, we wish you and your families a warm and safe festive season. And we anybody looking to start their New Year with ease and grace, join us for our New Year's Day Special.


Mai Perry-Gosling

Mai is working with Carrie and Martin at The Frog Project to help promote the joys of Live Online Yoga. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, her mind is always filled with data and jargon, so she is loving the opportunity to switch off and indulge in some pure classic yoga. Her top picks of poses are Lizard, Tree and Warrior and her favourite class is Carrie’s 7am Monday morning practice to greet the week, and as Mai is infamously not a morning person, this is a true testament to the power of Yoga! Join now and get 15 days of free unlimited classes. It's just yoga.

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