From Couch to DownDog: Kick off the New Year with our 5 day Yoga Challenge

lady doing down dog for new year yoga challenge couch to down dog

New Year, New You and a New Yoga Challenge to help you get your 2022 off to a beautiful start.

What is Couch to Downdog?

Our 5 day Couch to Downdog yoga challenge is all about getting up off the sofa – which lets face it, none of us have done for at least two weeks! – and onto the floor, where Frog Project Founder Carrie will guide you through a practice of simple yet effective yoga poses. The practices each lasts about 10 minutes and the video will be emailed to you each day. They are designed to offer a comprehensive yet gentle introduction to Yoga and its many benefits, working towards the iconic downward dog pose and more!

“What I love about our Couch to Downdog challenge is that it is accessible to everyone. Physically and also practically. Almost all of us can, and should, give ourselves 10 minutes a day to feel better. So often, we fall into the trap of setting big resolutions of exercise or diet which can cause disappointment if they fall through. Why not try starting with something small, like 10 minutes of gentle movement a day! In reality, it is the little things that we can keep up, which become a natural part of our routines, that lead to a happier and healthier mind and body.” Carrie, Co-founder The Frog Project

Who is the challenge for?

The Couch to Downdog challenge is perfect for total beginners wondering if yoga may be beneficial for their body and mind. Many people come to yoga looking for ways to make their bodies more flexible, loosen stiff necks and shoulders, or just to create a little energy. Others just feel like they could use a little more peace and quiet in the mind. If this sounds like you, come and give it a shot!

Or maybe you've dabbled with yoga in the past and are looking for a gentle way to ease yourself back into practice and find some encouragement for building good habits this New Year.

This challenge is for anybody who wants to feel better in their bodies and minds.

What happen's if I signup today?

To celebrate the start of 2022, we have a special offer for our Couch to Downdog challenge, and if you sign up before Jan 7th with code DOWNDOG you can now take part for just £10.

To find out more about the Couch to Downdog challenge and how you can take part, visit our website here. We hope you love the challenge as much as we do! Here at The Frog Project, we practice live online yoga, from our living room to yours, with amazing teachers, regular classes and a beautiful global community of lovers of yoga and life.

A New Year is something to truly cherish, and an opportunity for us all to make wonderful new discoveries, and we invite you all to join us in our 2022 New Year’s resolution of living life to the fullest, trying new things and working towards being the happiest version of ourselves.


Mai Perry-Gosling

Mai is working with Carrie and Martin at The Frog Project to help promote the joys of Live Online Yoga. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, her mind is always filled with data and jargon, so she is loving the opportunity to switch off and indulge in some pure classic yoga. Her top picks of poses are Lizard, Tree and Warrior and her favourite class is Carrie’s 7am Monday morning practice to greet the week, and as Mai is infamously not a morning person, this is a true testament to the power of Yoga! Join now and get 15 days of free unlimited classes. It's just yoga.

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