From YouTube to Live – Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Switch Up Your Yoga

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Women wearing yoga clothes doing a kneeling meditative yoga pose on a blue mat in her bedroom doing a live online yoga class from her laptop computer

Yoga in the Age of Lockdown

I - and pretty must everyone else in the world! – have experienced some dark days in the last few months. In the advent of Coronavirus, I was made redundant from my new job in the Travel sector and a few days later lockdown hit, and I found myself confined to my 2nd floor little studio flat. My life had changed fast and changed hard. I’ve always struggled with anxiety, so weirdly I was ahead of the game when it came to coping mechanisms and I did what I always do when adversity hits – I looked for something positive! I had a lot of time, I needed a way to stay fit whilst remaining indoors and I needed to deal with the drum beating anxiety monkeys swinging around inside my head – Hello Yoga!

So I – and pretty much everyone else in the world! – discovered YouTube Tutorials on Yoga and a certain dulcet toned Yogi goddess named Adrienne! I did the 30 days of Yoga and I LOVED it. I overcame my wobbles in Tree Pose, felt like a badass doing the Warrior sequence and – shock of shocks! – I actually come to consider downward dog to be a resting pose!

Then the universe decided to throw me a good turn and the lovely Carrie of ‘Live Online Yoga Classes’ fame reached out to me to help out The Frog Project with some marketing support. I leaped at the chance – pun intended! I’ve loved getting to know what The Frog Project is all about and Live Online Yoga has proved the perfect next step in my Yoga journey.

3 Reasons Why The Frog Project Works For Me

Here are 3 reasons why The Frog Project has been so good for me – and why it can be so good for pretty much everyone else in the world too!

1. The Best of both Worlds

Don’t get me wrong, YouTube videos were the start of the magic for me, and I love the range of videos out there and how accessible they are. Especially since I’ve tried real life Yoga classes before and they have not suited me – they were a hassle to make time for and I spent the whole class feeling terribly self-conscious. But on the flipside, the amount of times I’ve thought “hmm should my leg be bending that way,” or I’ve meant to get on the mat but couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed - YouTube Tutorials could only get me so far.

The Frog Project is amazing in that it keeps all the Pros of each different Yoga Experience and loses the Cons. For example, the fact that I’ve signed up for a specific class motivates me to actually keep my me-time (which is so dangerously easy to deprioritize!) Yoga appointment, but without the hassle of travelling to a studio. There is a range of classes running throughout the day to choose from so I can pick a time that works for my lifestyle.

Also, if you are self-conscious, it’s totally legit to have your camera turned off during the practice. I actually now like having my camera turned on. There’s been a few times when I’ve forgotten which leg I’m on and Carrie has subtlety helped me out by saying “if anyone has forgotten which leg they started on…“ or presented extra options when she’s seen a couple of us struggling. It’s amazing to have that level of interaction and it’s also just really nice saying hello and goodbye to everyone at the beginning and end of the classes, and saying what we liked and what we found tough. One of the few good things that has come out of quarantine is that video has blown up as a two-way medium, and the Frog Project is proof of how powerful and life changing this can be.

2. The Personal Touch

As I’ve touched on above, another magical aspect of the Frog Project is that – despite being global and having members round the world – it still feels like a community. The teachers are real people, not sculpted goddess’s in zen gardens with unnerving senses of balance. Carrie posts pictures of her garden and her children on the Facebook group too. Yoga in the past has felt like it’s not for someone like me - someone of neither graceful mind or body – but the Frog Project’s attitude to yoga is gloriously unpretentious! There was chat the other day about the best music to do Yoga too – I actually do my morning Yoga quickies to ‘’California love’ by 2Pac. Although I think I may have been on my own for that one! Yoga is nevertheless different for everyone yet still unifying and it's amazing to see all these very different people at very diverse points in their lives feel the benefit of Yoga, and have a bit of a laugh together at the same time!

3. The Closest Thing to a Holiday

I’ve always worked in the travel industry so one of the hardest things about lockdown for me was having no more holidays on the horizon. But once again it’s been Yoga to the rescue! Carrie has lived a lot of her life in the East, and that flavour comes through in her Yoga. Moving through a warrior sequence or balancing in Tree pose, I can close my eyes and almost bring myself back to Bali. In Carrie’s yoga there is also an emphasis on appreciating your environment anew, the light, the breeze, the aromas – things in your home you never noticed before and can suddenly revel in. Also Yoga is one of only two things that can effectively shut down the aforementioned swinging monkeys in my brain. And as much as yoga promotes positivity and loving yourself – it’s nice to have a little holiday from yourself too! And in case you are wondering, the other thing is painting, but that is decidedly more messy and unpractical than Yoga!

So to summarize, Yoga is a massively positive force in my life right now, and I think it could be for you too. Check out The Frog Project today and sign up for their 15 day free trial and see where it takes you.

Ready to create a little bit of space for you? Why not try our Live Online Yoga classes, bringing you accessible yoga for all, from our living room to yours. Sign up now for 15 days of free unlimited classes.


Mai Perry-Gosling

Mai is working with Carrie and Martin at The Frog Project to help promote the joys of Live Online Yoga. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, her mind is always filled with data and jargon, so she is loving the opportunity to switch off and indulge in some pure classic yoga. Her top picks of poses are Lizard, Tree and Warrior and her favourite class is Carrie’s 7am Monday morning practice to greet the week, and as Mai is infamously not a morning person, this is a true testament to the power of Yoga! Join now and get 15 days of free unlimited classes. It's just yoga.

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