Getting comfy: What to wear to a yoga class

Lady wearing comfortable leggings to a yoga class at home.

No matter how many times we say that it’s fine to wear pyjama bottoms to your yoga class (really!), we know that you may want a bit more practical advice. Look no further, these are our top tips for all your yoga fashion needs.

The cult of yoga clothes

If you’re reading this and thinking “what the heck?! I just wear whatever yoga clothes I want and it’s totally fine!” then GREAT. We’re so happy to hear that. The boom of ‘athleisure’ has created this weird cultish vibe around what to wear to a yoga class. In most cases, clothes for yoga are the same as… well… any other clothes! So there is absolutely no need to go out and buy the best yoga leggings on the market.

Don’t get us wrong, there are some incredible yoga leggings out there, and if you want to splurge then by all means go for it. But they won’t equate to you having a fulfilling, meaningful and mindful practice – that’s all inside you, and what you bring to the mat.

The beauty of online yoga classes is that no one can really see you. So who even cares what you’re wearing? Ultimately, you just need to be comfortable.

Before we get stuck into our top clothing advice, the very exciting news is that The Frog Project is now selling organic yoga clothes for both men and women! We’ve worked really hard to source a trustworthy, sustainable supplier, making certified organic cotton tees and sweaters with a process that we can track right from the seed. And they are SO comfy, if we do say so ourselves! Check out our online shop for clothes that you can wear to yoga and beyond! Our ALL TIME FAV is this super soft organic hoodie. A savasana-must-have!

Lady wearing a Frog Project organic cotton yoga hoodie for her online yoga class

And for all of our other top yoga clothing tips, read on…

Men’s yoga clothes

Gents, we’re starting with you! Just as in the wider fashion world, men don’t have the same variety in yoga clothes as women. However, the limited choice does make things somewhat easier. There are ultimately two things that men should pay attention to, in order to be comfortable in their yoga classes:

1. Say no to the short short!

Ok, so while your fellow online yoga class students will be looking at the teacher and not you, if you are in any lunging postures like Warrior One or a hip-opening pose like Pigeon, it’s possible that a short short could be a little more revealing than you’d like. We suggest longer shorts, jogging bottoms, or even men’s leggings if you prefer.

2. But do go tighter on top

When you’re doing yoga poses that involve inversions, like downward-facing dog or standing forward fold, your t-shirt will naturally fall down with gravity. Again, the beauty of online yoga is that it’s unlikely anyone is going to be able to see you while they are also inverted. If you were in a yoga studio you might prefer not to expose your stomach, but at home it’s all good! However, it can be pretty uncomfortable if your t-shirt is falling in your face while you’re trying to hold a pose, so we’d recommend a fitted top. Or you could simply tuck it into your bottom half if its getting in the way.

Women’s yoga clothes

On the bottom half

You’ll want to wear something that you can move comfortably in, and leggings are usually the go-to option. If you were going into a studio then you’d definitely want to check that they remain opaque when you’re bending over. Luckily with online yoga you can get away with a bit of a see-through bottom!

Yoga pants (like harem pants, with tight cuffs but baggy around the hips) are also really comfortable and great to move around in. At The Frog Project we have several evening classes, which tend to leave you feeling pretty relaxed and ready for bed. For these sessions in particular, pyjama bottoms are more than appropriate, and will get you into the sleep zone. Although if you rocked up to our morning classes in pyjama bottoms, we wouldn’t bat an eyelid!

On the top half

If you’re either:

a) doing a solo yoga session

b) not putting your camera on

c) body confident (good for you!)

then you might want to just wear a sports bra on the top half. This is a bit chilly at first, but you’ll still warm up and it’s very unrestrictive. Otherwise, we recommend a t-shirt with a fitted waistband so that it doesn’t ride up or fall in your face when you’re in downward-facing dog. You could also tuck a baggy t-shirt into your bottom half if it’s draping uncomfortably.

Women have loads of choice, from fitted sports tops and cropped tops, to specific yoga tops, standard vest tops and beyond. Ideally you don’t want to get uncomfortably warm, or for your top to keep hanging down while you’re in inversion postures. Try out clothes that you have in your wardrobe and see what works for you.

Socks or not?

Your feet are the foundation of many yoga poses, from one-legged balances to a solid mountain pose. To achieve maximum stability in any standing yoga posture we recommend going barefoot. Feeling the connection with the floor underneath your feet is also a wonderful way to stay rooted and grounded in your practice. And if you have the luxury of a garden, try doing a practice or two outside – the grass will feel superb under your feet!

What if I get chilly?

While Savasana is usually a class highlight, it’s also a time for your body to cool down and absorb all of the benefits of your practice. You might want to have a jumper on hand in case you get cold. You can pop this on quickly before settling back into your final relaxation.

So there you have it! All of our tips for your yoga clothing needs. Comfort is our number one, so forget fashion and choose what feels good.

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