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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

a busy mum doing a live online yoga for mums yoga class from her living room with her baby

The following blog was written for the Scarborough & Whitby Mumbler, a wonderful resource for parents aimed at making family life easier in the local area. Check out their website or Facebook for more.

Diving into motherhood - head first!

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re a mum! Congratulations! Not for becoming a mum, but for nailing motherhood! It is tough, mentally, emotionally, physically, socially! You name it! And whether you spent time reading, preparing or just winging it, there is no amount of preparation and other people’s experiences that can get you ready for the mental and emotional rollercoaster of that transition into motherhood and the years that follow as you give everything to that lovely little bundle of joy.

‘Me’ time - what’s that?

If the idea of ‘me’ time is as elusive as a week away at a 5 star resort in the Maldives, then you may have experienced what many other mum’s feel on a daily basis. Evening going for a wee alone is a luxury. I’ll take it! But seriously, when do you get time out for you? What would it look like? How would it feel to do something for yourself, by yourself? How do you think you would feel after taking a little bit of ‘me’ time? Especially if this ‘me’ time allowed you to relax your body and your mind all at the same time.

Yoga for mums

Imagine this. You go and put on some comfy clothes, clear up the toys (and by clear I mean shove them out of the way), close the door, and prepare a little space on the floor. Sit or lie down, close your eyes, and take a few nice deep breaths. The kids are tucked up in bed, or being supervised by another responsible adult, as you are whisked away on a journey. A magical adventure awaits. Almost like you’re in the Maldives, lying on the warm sand and looking up at the palm trees gently blowing in the breeze.

This is Yoga for Mums. It’s a little slice of escapism while at the same time nurturing your body and mind. Sounds too good to be true! It really is.

“I'm a new mum and The Frog Project suits my needs perfectly. I aim to attend a weekly class, but as I can register last minute there's a lot of flexibility in case my baby needs me and I can't make it. The session always helps me to feel both relaxed and energised.” Zoe

Top 8 Benefits of Yoga for mums

The benefits of yoga are as wonderful and varied as your sock drawer. But as a mum of two tiny tots (now 3 years and 20 months) and being lucky enough to have had yoga by my side all the way through, I’ve compiled a list of the top 8 mummy-specific benefits of yoga. We’ve probably never been more active in our lives, running around after our tiny people, but yoga can help our bodies and minds in the following ways:

  1. Strengthen and build core strength which can weaken after pregnancy and will give you a solid foundation for spinal health, your posture and your internal organs too

  2. Build stability in and around the pelvis and hips and the integrity of your pelvic floor muscles which will be essential for later life and integral if you’ve had or are planning on having more than one baby

  3. Reduce tension that can build up around the shoulders, neck and back from carrying heavy objects (like babies and kids!), breastfeeding and pushing fully loaded prams

  4. Increase flexibility in areas that get neglected, like our hips, shoulders, hamstrings and even more subtle areas that ankles, knees and wrists

  5. Give our bodies time to relax (and let the rest and digest or parasympathetic nervous system kick in) which allows us to begin to process some of the ‘other’ stuff that’s going on in our lives - this might include ‘outside’ issues like work, relationships, family & friends, money - and you’ll see improvements in your digestion, sleep, and overall mood

  6. Reclaim your independence and create a little detachment from your babe. Hand over the baton and give dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends a chance to hang with the little ones

  7. Schedule ‘me’ time the way would a call with a friend, a hair appointment or the weekly shop - it’s equally important if not more important!

  8. Put your mask on first (well this one is metaphorical), but I mean take care of yourself too. You wouldn’t let your phone battery run out juice, don’t let your own battery run out of juice either. By keeping your tank topped up, you’ll be an even better mama!

Sounds great, but I can’t leave the house for 2 hours to go to a yoga class!

What if you could do yoga from your living room? In your PJs, with the camera off, and a time that suited you! We know what it’s like to be so busy that even with the best intentions, getting to a weekly yoga class or similar is near impossible.

“I have been joining the Thursday night sessions with Andrea, as this fits the best around 2 small children. Booking the sessions couldn't be easier, I love that there are lots of different time options throughout the week and you can join anytime up to about 5 minutes before the class starts so great if you have a spontaneous need for some yoga. Andrea is so friendly and has led amazing classes so far and has done something a little different each week to keep it fresh, also with the option to have the camera off I can join after a bath in PJ's and pretty much slink into bed after it leaves you feeling so relaxed.” Louise

This is why we created The Frog Project, a Live Online Yoga community, where you get all the benefits of attending a yoga class without any of the obstacles that might get in your way.

  • Real, caring and experienced teachers

  • Real, welcoming and friendly students

  • Real-time, live and online, classes

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our mama’s have to say!

Hear from Rachel, mum of two (3yrs, 1.5yrs):

“The Frog Project yoga works really well for me and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone interested in yoga, who needs a bit of “me time” or who is seeking a route to feeling a little better about themselves. Living in the countryside, travelling to classes takes up a big chunk of time (before coronavirus, of course), not to mention trying to fit a class around looking after 2 young children. With online classes I can roll out of bed into the mat, with my bed-hair and PJs on, whilst my husband shovels breakfast into the kids. Being able to access classes online means I get to the mat twice a week, versus zero back in the “real world”. I like the laid back, personable style of the teachers and enjoy the fact that each class has a little something new for me. The sessions genuinely lift me up for the days ahead.”

What’s next?

Sign up now for a 15 Day Free Trial, join as many classes as you like and see if it’s for you! Chat to our friendly teachers, or keep your camera off and stay as anonymous as you like. This is your time and we want to be sure you get exactly what you need and want from it.

All levels and experiences are very welcome and we have brand new beginner students joining every week, so whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience, rest assured that you’ll be in wonderful hands.

If you’d like any more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact Carrie directly at

Or dive straight in and start your 15 Day Free Trial right now.


Carrie Froggett

Carrie is Scarborough-based, co-founder of The Frog Project. She is a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer and full time stay at home mum to two smalls. When she's not playing with the kids or practicing yoga, you'll likely find her in the middle of her veg patch, trowel in hand and covered in mud. She loves the outdoors, and would camp every night given the chance. She and her husband, Martin, set up The Frog Project with the aim of bringing classical yoga to all, and deliver live online classes with a group of dedicated teachers, to students of all experiences, ages, shapes, sizes, jobs, lives, you name it, from all around the world. Join them now and get 15 days of free unlimited classes. It's just yoga.

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