a mother doing yoga in child's pose in he living room with a plant and a lamp and some dreamy clouds

No bells or whistles, just yoga

  • postures that are accessible, rooted in classical yoga and have plenty of benefits to be had regardless of experience

  • plenty of variations so you will find a posture to suit your flexibility, strength, balance and mood

  • a gentle pace to allow you to follow the breath and explore the movement

  • good, clear instruction without too much jargon and insider language

  • a safe and supportive environment with qualified teachers and great community vibes

  • classes structured in a balanced way for a whole body and mind workout

  • NO PROMISES, ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR PRESERVATIVES. Seriously though, we don't promise great bikini bodies or enlightenment although these can be side effects of a regular and dedicated practice

what you will find

an older woman on a yoga mat doing some simple yoga and is leaning forward toward her toes

what you won't find

an older woman doing some really complex yoga with her foot over her head and held in front of her
  • postures that are complex and uber-advanced, rooted in modern culture and although may have benefits are inaccessible to most

  • limited variations that may leave you struggling to participate and just watching the teacher

  • a terrifying pace that leaves you breathless and your breakfast on the mat

  • complex, ambiguous instruction with loads of jargon and esoteric insider language

  • a slightly dangerous and pressured environment with radical teachers and cultish vibes

  • classes structured in an un-balanced way for a generally unfulfilling experience

  • PROMISES, ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR PRESERVATIVES. Seriously though, we're not hating, if you do look fab in a bikini and can do a one-arm handstand then all power to you, just think of this as finishing school


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Want to dig deeper?

the philosophy behind our yoga

Each asana or pranayama fits into one of four bhavas or attitudes/feelings. This means that for every moment during the practice you can choose to adopt a certain emotion. And this emotion or intention coupled with the breath ensures the yoga really is working its magic.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you are in some sort of forward fold (seated forward bend or maybe a standing forward bend). The bhava we adopt here is vairagya or objectivity. In a vairagya pose you cultivate a feeling of letting go, release or surrender. A big breath in, and a big breath out. Creating space in body and mind and taking a step back from you, adopting a birds eye view and flying free.

Come see for yourself.

a brown butterfly with a blue patter on its wings


Your intrinsic essence of being. The you beneath all the layers. Your duty to yourself and your pod, your work, your community and the planet.

Example asanas: still, meditative poses - easy cross legged, standing prayer, butterfly.

an old tree with a few leaves dotted about


Your inner intelligence. The intelligence of the body and mind. Learning to listen deep and strengthen from the inside out. Tuning into the intelligence at a cellular level, rewiring and recalibrating.

Example asanas: strong, dynamic, balance poses - tree, downward dog, palm tree pose.

a crocodile with tail curled


Your ability to be objective. Learning to let go and release anything that no longer serves you. Leading to emotional maturity and cultivating loving and kindness for the self.

Example asanas: forward bends, inversion or relaxation poses - crocodile, corpse pose.

a camel standing proud and strong


This bhava helps you to dream big. It’s a combination of the other three, resulting in the strength and the power to believe in yourself. If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big.

Example asanas: backbends - cobra, camel, wheel pose.