yoga for work

FREE Taster event

Friday 5 March 2021

4-4.45pm (GMT)

what can yoga do for your company?

We believe that happier & healthier employees lead to happy & healthier businesses. Come and experience how you can support your staff to feel better in their bodies & minds with Yoga for Work.

Yoga helps you & your people feel great

Spending hours in front of a screen or sitting in a chair can take its toll on our bodies and minds. Incorporating yoga into your week can have a multitude of benefits resulting in better emotional, mental and physical health. Those who participate in a regular class have more energy and increased confidence, better posture and flexibility and increased immunity.

Yoga brings an out of office community experience

A regular live online yoga class leads to increased team morale and a sense of belonging. This is increasingly necessary for teams dispersed over large geographies, remote working and living and working during the Pandemic. Alleviate disconnection and loneliness with a yoga practice in real time, with real teachers and real human connection.

happier employees leads to healthier businesses

By supporting the mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing of your employees, you will notice immediate results in your business. Your people are your biggest assets. Take care of them and they'll take care of you. Yoga reduces stress, and increases motivation and focus. This in turn leads to more productivity and creativity, and less absenteeism.



What our customers say

We love yoga with the Frog Project! We started classes for the whole Woflow team when quarantine started as a way to engage informally as a team and offer a health perk to everyone. It's been a great stress reliever and something that has been fun for everyone. 


I didn't think yoga via Zoom would be as engaging as it is, but it is. Our team loves the convenience of practising at home, with no worries of rushing to a studio to make it on time. Our teachers Carrie and Andrea are the best! They're very friendly and welcoming so new joiners are happy to jump in and try out a class, and then get addicted. 


Thanks for all your help over the last few months, the team really love attending classes and you've been a huge help for everyone during these unusually stressful times.

Will, Co-Founder & COO, Woflow


let's get your people out of their chairs and onto the floor

a wman sitting on a yoga mat in her living room and looking at a laptop screen showing an online yoga class

What your people will need

frequently asked questions

A lady i casual clothes on a yoga mat doing warrior pose

a desire to feel good

a man doig yoga on a mat in front of a clock showing one hour has passed


A woman doing downward dog on a yoga mat in casual clothes

a space big 

enough to stretch around in

A device of any sort connected to the internet