yoga for a happy belly

For digestion, grounding & feeling
good in your skin

23 January 2022, 10.30am-12.30pm (GMT)

transform your relationship with your belly

After a season of celebrations, focusing our loving attention on our bellies can help us feel present, grounded and energized for the year ahead. During this workshop, we will explore some interesting facts about this area, see how it connects to the nervous system & energy and of course which practices we can do to feel clear, light and strong. 


Yoga is more than just poses or flexibility. It is a complete system of practices that understands health and well-being are an important foundation of being at peace. Practices like asana, breathing and more affect the body in a very holistic way and we can use the practice to nurture parts of us that need some help from time to time.


Beyond just the body, we will weave in a healthy mindset that honours the body with self-love and gentle action that can become a sustainable part of your routine. There are no quick-fixes or body shaming to be found here. Just practical advice on how to feel good in your skin. Just £10 a ticket.

what is a happy belly?

Gain deeper insights on the importance of a happy belly & explore how yoga can affect the belly physically & energetically.

From a physical yoga practice

Be guided through a digestive sequence of asana & learn more poses to practice by yourself. 

to food that nourishes & supports

Discover a few easy and yummy recipes to support the digestive system and take away a simple 2 day plan for a digestive reset.

who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone keen to go beyond the apparent surface of their yoga practice

  • Anyone who feels this could use more energy & clarity

  • Anyone who would like to transform their relationship with their belly

  • Anyone looking to start the New Year with some fresh inspiration

  • Anyone who wants simple but potent practices to improve their digestion

meet your guide

Liezl Hoving is from sunny Namibia and has been teaching yoga for a decade. Her own practice started 2003 in a place of finding relief from back pain and anxiety. As a teacher, she loves helping students find variations that fit their unique bodies and creating a space where yoga opens the door to understanding oneself better on all levels. Her classes have a steady pace that offer you an opportunity to explore the foundations in detail with as much ease or intensity as you prefer.

January 23rd 2022


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