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13 June 2021, 10am-12pm (UK time)

Simple, accessible workshops for real people

Yoga for Happy Bits is a series of workshops designed to explore basic anatomy in an accessible and practical way to help you bring more awareness to HOW you practice.


On our journey to feeling healthier and happier, the right knowledge can really help us make progress.

explore easy anatomy & how you can apply this knowledge to your own body and day to day life

study the body's foundations & how to create balanced stability and mobility

learn how happy shoulders really can make a difference to posture, neck, spine & so much more!

Yoga for HAPPY Shoulders

Date: 11.04.2021

Time: 10am-12pm (UK time)

What: Liezl will guide you through some easy anatomy before exploring how this applies to our own bodies. Afterwards, we’ll move through a slow mindful practice to embody what we have learnt and then end with a relaxing guided yoga nidra.

If you missed the first workshop, Yoga for Happy Hips, here's a little overview of some of what was covered.

Liezl Hoving is from sunny Namibia and has been teaching yoga for a decade. Her own practice started 2003 in a place of finding relief from back pain and anxiety. As a teacher, she loves helping students find variations that fit their unique bodies and creating a space where yoga opens the door to understanding oneself better on all levels. Her classes have a steady pace that offer you an opportunity to explore the foundations in detail with as much ease or intensity as you prefer.

What you'll need

A lady i casual clothes on a yoga mat doing warrior pose

a desire to feel good

a man doig yoga on a mat in front of a clock showing one hour has passed

two hours to yourself

A woman doing downward dog on a yoga mat in casual clothes

a space big 

enough to stretch around in

A device of any sort connected to the internet

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