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Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Do you dream of becoming a yoga teacher? Or are you ready to ground your practice with a solid and wonderfully comprehensive dive into Yoga Philosophy, Life Style & a deeper understanding of Asana?


  • Live & Online 200 hour YTT fully-accredited by Yoga Alliance USA (allowing you to teach all over the world)

  • Over 20 years experience of teaching, online learning and yoga education

  • A life-changing journey that will open your eyes to see Yoga in it's truest form, rooted in philosophy taught by the World's oldest Yoga Institution

our course


  • Module 1: Foundations of Hatha Yoga - Principles, Lifestyle & Practice

  • Module 2: Yoga Psychology & Philosophy

  • Module 3: The Yoga of Meditation & Dharma

  • Module 4: Yoga Physiology & Teaching Methodology

a wman sitting on a yoga mat in her living room and looking at a laptop screen showing an online yoga class


  • Live classes with Jeenal, Carrie & guest appearances from The Yoga Institute, and directed private study

  • Bringing all the experience, expertise and learning, right to the comfort of your own home, Live & Online

  • Practice, learn, grow & connect to like-minded people and build community to last a life time

  • Connect and understand yourself through the lens of Yoga as you learn and grow into a student and teacher of Yoga

meet your asana & pranayama teacher carrie froggett

Yoga Teacher & Co-Founder of The Frog Project

meet your philosophy & life style teacher Jeenal metha

Co-Founder, Director & Teacher of Wise Living Yoga  Academy

yOur team

Dates & Prices

Course Dates 2021

  • Jan 10th - Mar 5th * COMPLETE

  • Apr 11th - Jun 4th * OPEN NOW

  • Oct - Dec - dates TBC

* + 2 weeks self study & assignment

Live classes will run Tuesday-Saturday,

7-9am & 12-2pm (UK time) on alternate days. Subject to change dependant on the requirements of the group.

Prices 2021

£1200 for 8 weeks 200 hours

Early bird £900 **

** complete registration 2 weeks prior to course start

Join the whole course or do one module at a time. Individual modules run for 2 weeks and are priced at £300 each.

let's break it down

Your 200 hours YTT will be divided over 4 modules, each running for 2 weeks. You will receive 2 hours Live & Online teaching on the following days - Tues, Thurs, Sat from 12-2pm and Wed and Fri from 7-9am (UK time) for the duration of the course. Each module will be comprised of 20 hours contact time and 30 hours non-contact time. Your online classes will be delivered by Carrie and Jeenal, with guest appearances from our teachers at The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai. 


At the end of your 8 week course, there will be 2 further weeks for self-study, working together with your teachers and peers to consolidate your knowledge and practice, followed by your final assessment and graduation ceremony!

Upon successfully completing the course and assessment you will receive your fully accredited 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate allowing you to teach Worldwide.



Find your life’s purpose through understanding spirituality and traditional Yoga according to the teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita. This module will guide you through a life-changing experience, and give insight into meditation, while realising and overcoming your attachments, fears, and insecurities. Learn the art of action to bring freedom and love to your life!

  • Philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga

  • The Detailed Theory of Meditation

  • Theory & Practice of Meditation, Asana, and Pranayama

  • Universal & Personal Ethics

  • Concept of Dharma - One’s  Duty & Purpose of Life

  • Theory of Karma Yoga - Yoga of Action


The final module of the 200 hours YTT will ensure that you end your training with the confidence needed to start a new journey of spreading knowledge that will encourage social and individual change. As a graduate, you will attain a prestigious international certificate which allows you to teach and share Yoga with your community and around the globe.


  • Yoga Physiology & Anatomy – Chakras, Nadis, etc.

  • Student’s Practice Teaching Asanas, Pranayama, and Relaxation Techniques

  • Yoga Teaching Methodology

  • Lesson Planning for Senior Citizens, Children, etc.

  • Teacher’s Skills & Ethics

  • Learning How to Give Constructive Criticism and Feedback



The first module is all about helping you to live a happier and healthier life according to the principles of yoga. Dive deep into this life-transforming experience as you bring about deep changes in your habits, thoughts and personality at all levels  – spiritual, emotional, mental, social, and physical. Practical tools will be imparted by the most loving and caring teachers, in a safe and organised atmosphere. This module will include:


  • Theory & Practice of Meditation, Asana, and Pranayama

  • In-depth understanding of a Yogic lifestyle

  • Live and experience Yoga in a holistic way

  • Psycho-physiological training of asanas



This module will guide you through a comprehensive understanding of the human mind and psychology through the study of the most authentic Yoga Scripture - The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This study will enable you to understand the structure of your mind, thoughts and personality, in order to reach a higher level of consciousness and awareness. Alongside this study, a daily practice of Yoga techniques and meditation will give you a complete Yoga experience. This module includes:


  • Understanding the Place of Yoga in the 6 Systems of Indian Philosophy

  • Theory & Practice of Meditation, Asana, and Pranayama

  • Human Mind & Psychology

  • Thought-Training

  • The Evolution of Prakriti (Material Consciousness)

  • Yoga Purification/Detox Practices


Lineage is key to choosing a quality YTT course. You need to be sure that what you're learning and who you're learning from is truly authentic. Wise Living Yoga Academy is an educational body affiliated to The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai, India. This is the world’s oldest organised Yoga institution, founded  in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji. The Yoga Institute of Santacruz imparts yoga education and lifestyle principles of classical yoga, following the lineage of the late Shri Yogendraji, the father of Modern Yoga Renaissance and direct disciple of Guru Pujya Paramahamsa Madhavadasji.

What you'll GET

A lady i casual clothes on a yoga mat doing warrior pose


a man doig yoga on a mat in front of a clock showing one hour has passed

DEDICATED LIVE CLASSES FOR 1.5 HOURS/DAY 6 DAYS/WEEK FOR 8 WEEKS & a well-supported environment for guided self-study

A woman doing downward dog on a yoga mat in casual clothes




what our people say


a wman sitting on a yoga mat in her living room and looking at a laptop screen showing an online yoga class


I am so happy I joined many incredible people from around the World in this truly life changing experience to study traditional Yoga. I've been practicing Yoga asanas for 5 years, and I've never felt so connected to my body. I could not imagine an online course to be organized in such an amazing way. Both Jeenal and Carrie are amazing teachers, very warm, understanding and definitely unique!


I have just completed my 200 hour Teacher Training with Carrie from The Frog Project and Wise Living Yoga Academy. It was beautiful. Carrie is such a wonderful teacher who gives you her entire attention and presence, which you can really feel even though the course is online. She truly is an authentic teacher who lives and breathes yoga and I can’t recommend the teacher training and classes with the frog project highly enough.


This course teaches traditional yoga while being well-grounded in modern life, which is what made me choose to sign up. The training also offers a perfect blend of theoretical and practical. Delving into the philosophy of yoga has been fascinating and the things I am learning are applicable to my daily life and keeping up a regular yoga practice has done wonders for my body and my mind.



The Frog Project classes are great for everybody as each movement and option is explained to suit the individual. I always feel welcome and supported by Carrie's friendliness, gentle approach and humour.

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