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Thank for your interest in joining our 200 Hour YTT. This form is designed to gather information so we can better get to know you and get ready to meet you once the course begins!


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Please note that the course will only be able to run with a minimum of 5 students. In the instance that the course can't run, you'll be offered the opportunity to join another date or receive a full refund.


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Do I need a separate booking if I'm joining with my housemate/spouse?

We are more than happy for people to join with a partner or friend, but you will require two bookings and two payments. If possible, it is encouraged that you join with seperate computers in seperate spaces to get the most out of the course on an individual level. However, if you have exceptional circumstances and this is not possible for any reason, please get in touch to discuss.

Do I need to have my mic and camera on?

Yes. The course will be completely interactive. We will require your camera on at all times (of course if there are excpetional circumstances, please get in touch to discuss), and your mic may be muted during certain lectures and asana and pranayama classes.

What if I'm unable to attend some of the Live sessions?

If you anticipate that you will be unable to attend some of the Live Sessions due to prior engagments, please contact carrie@thefrogproject.org to discuss your situation. We encourage all of our students to attend ALL of the live sessions, like we expect all of the self-study to be completed along with the end of course assessment.
However, allowances can be made for exceptional circumstances.

What style of yoga do you teach on the 200 hour YTT?

The asana taught on the YTT can be described as Hatha yoga, but that means so many different things to so many different people. We teach classical yoga asana in line with the four bhavas or attitudes/feelings. We teach that all asana can fall into one of four categories including cultivating meditation & stillness, building strength & balance, surrending to restoration & letting go, and sparking confidence and will power. This approach to teaching asana is incredibly holistic and will equip the practitioner with a plethora of skills to become their own teacher. You can read more about our approach here.

Will I be a fully accredited yoga teacher after the course?

Yes, if you attend all of the live sessions (where possible), complete the self study and successfully pass the assessment you will be a fully accredited 200 hour Yoga Teacher. Our course is fully accreditated by Yoga Alliance USA (which covers you to teach world-wide) and the World's oldest yoga institute, The Yoga Institue of Santacruz, Mumbai.

What platform are the Live classes hosted on?

All of the Live classes are live streamed on Zoom in secure and encrypted meetings. Each participant receives a link to enter (which shouldn't be shared) and will enter a waiting room upon arrival. Meeting links are not shared anywhere and so only our students can join.

Which countries can I join from?

Through the power of the internet you can join from any country. Carrie is based in the UK and Jeenal in Thailand. Our special guests will also join from India and other countries around the world. Please note that the Live class times are displayed in UK time. And all classes will be taught in English.

My internet connection isn't great, will I be able to join?

We stream all of our classes via Zoom who will alter the quality of the stream dependant on your internet connection. For example, if you have a good connection you will receive a HD quality image and great audio. If your internet isn't brilliant you will get a reduced quality image but it should still be good enough to participate fully. We recommend an internet connection of at least 1mb/s. You can check the speed of your connection here.

How do I book for the 200 hour YTT course or for individual modules?

Click the apply now button above and complete the form with your name, email, dates you're interested in joining and any questions you have. We will then contact you with the next steps. It is the same process for applying for the whole 200 hour course and if you'd like to apply for individual modules. Please note that you cannot book to do module 4 unless you have done the first 3 modules. Alternatively, follow this link to book your spot.

Will I need to make adjustments in my daily life to live a Yogic Lifestyle?

For the duration of the course, we ask that you fully immerse yourself in your learning and the experience, and this will involve leading a Yogic diet. This means that we ask you to not consume any animal products (meat, dairy, eggs), caffeine (coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks such as cola), alcohol and tobacco. While some of these areas may feel daunting to some, you will be fully supported to live this way during the course. There will be space to discuss concerns, alternative eating ideas (you may even learn some new recipes!), and support if you are struggling to give up things that have played a role in your day to day life.

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